The stupidity of Yale students, the degeneration of Harvard ideas

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This title feels a bit strange. The Ivy League schools represented by Yale and Harvard have brought together outstanding students from all over the world. How do you say they are stupid? First of all, explain that this is an imitation of the title of the following article.

Therefore, I would like to be modest to my classmates at Yale and Harvard first. The title is too broad to hit. It is definitely wrong to say so. Because the school is very large, there are many students and opinions are varied.

Accurately speaking, the Yale classmate who wrote this article is stupid. Where is the specific stupidity, the truth will be explained later. What makes sense is called a conclusion, while what makes no sense is called a hat.

There are many reports about the death of black George Freud, which will not be repeated here. No matter what the cause of death is, the police should not kneel on their heads for a long time. At present, all walks of life in the United States condemn the police officers and offer condolences to the families of the victims. After that, they will enter the normal judicial investigation procedure.

Under the supervision of all aspects of the news, no one in the country obstructed the investigation of the case.There are plenty ofJudicial relief, then this is an isolated case. Current situation, reference:


Let’s look at the title first.

“We stand with African Americans”, very emotional headlines. ButWeAndAfro-descendantsThey are both two big concepts. Is what us? With what kind of African?

Is it an African-American who grows up hard and works hard? For example,

Ben Carson, an elite who came out of the slums, was a sample of poor black children in modern America in his childhood. When he was 8 years old, his parents divorced and lived in the slums. Later, he became a legendary surgeon through his own efforts and is currently the Federal Minister of Housing and Urban Development.Ben CarsonThe spiritual growth of the, is to seeBooker WashingtonAutobiography “Beyond Slavery”

Booker Washington,He was a black educator over a hundred years ago.At that timeBlack people lack culture and technology, are extremely poor and are at the bottom of society.WashingtonI know very well that his black compatriots have low moral cultivation, poor cultural quality and weak survival skills.

So, he thinksBlack people must be supported by jobs, skills, knowledge and financial resources. Only on this basis can the rights be real, feasible and meaningful. At that time, the blacks did not have these conditions and were not fully prepared to exercise their rights.

However, the black community seems to have gained rights and freedoms after the storm of affirmative action in the last century. The ideal is very beautiful and the result is very bony. Just like BookerWashingtonWhat worries me is that because the group lacks the concept of freedom, it cannot exercise its rights well.

Under the temptation of equality slogan and economic welfare, the black group fell into the spiral of poverty-welfare-buying votes-welfare-low ability-keeping poverty.Most African Americans grew up in single-parent families, generally ate welfare and did not attach importance to education.Become the ticket warehouse and hostage of the donkey party.

The biggest consequence of fast equality isAfro-descendant groupsFormAll the problems now are attributed to others and to the oppressed ideas in history.

BlackHigh crime rate, is discrimination.BlackThe proportion of students attending university is low., is discrimination. Black college studentsFail to pass the math exam, is discrimination. Black Girl Students Join ShakespeareDrama actor selection failed, is also discrimination.

But black peopleThere are many sports stars., not discrimination. BlackOutstanding musical achievements, not discrimination. In short,Whenever there is trouble, they shout everywhere, shout discrimination, and even regard beating, smashing and looting as justice.

The politics in modern Europe and the United States are correct and equal rights.The so-called equal rights movement is the impact of the French concept of “self-equality” on the United States.Like France, the result of the US imposition of equal rights has gone to the back of the ideal.Under the banner of egalitarianism, I am weak and I am rational, and the weaker I am, the more rational I am.

The best people under the banner of equal rights are naturally those who combine all kinds of vulnerable people (blacks, Islam, women and refugees). For example, Senator Omar below. He has a lot of rotten things and even defended the 911 terrorists, but his position in the Donkey Party is still as stable as Mount Tai.

However, those strong people, those who founded the main nation of the United States-white people, have become the bottom of the discrimination chain. Fortunately, there are still many whites in the United States. If whites become a minority, the latest sample is South Africa. It turns out that although South Africa is segregated by apartheid, it does not sound very beautiful, butSouth Africa is an industrial power, and both white and black people have the opportunity to work hard. Unfortunately, the rapid development of equal rights has completely reduced South Africa to a third-rate country. The racial discrimination between blacks and whites far exceeds the discrimination between whites and blacks during the original apartheid.
Black South Africans Parade with Machetes

Now in the United States,Crying children have milk to eat, and the negro group with the lowest ability is taken care of everywhere, forming the privilege of skin color and being inThe Top of the Discrimination Chain in the United States. Only blacks can discriminate against others, and no one can discriminate against blacks. If the black police killed the white suspect in this incident, it would be difficult to get so much attention, let alone take to the streets to demonstrate.

In real life, blacks often sue for discrimination, so many small and medium-sized enterprises dare not recruit black men. A large number of blacks have been placed in government departments with relatively low capabilities, such as the famous bureaucracy DMV.

So,The problem for the black community now is not being discriminated against, but discriminating against others.The Chinese belong to the middle and low end of the discrimination chain and are not welcomed by the black uncle and the black aunt in their life. However, the Yale student has to have the cheek to stand with the African Americans and be happy. Does it countSelf-esteem?

Black people in Louisville spontaneously organized to isolate demonstrators.

If I have to say who to stand with, then I will choose to stand with the above self-confident and self-reliant African Americans instead of the African Americans who are prone to beating, smashing and looting.

Look at the brief introduction again.

There are two very shiny words.“Mainstream Culture”“The generation of parentsThe prejudice of “

Let’s talk firstMainstream cultureThis Yale classmate thinks he has found the mainstream culture in the United States. May I ask, there are two parties in the United States. Who represents the mainstream culture in the United States? 

It needs to be discussed here that what is the mainstream culture in the United States? In other words, what kind of cultural heritage makes the United States strong?

This is a photo of the Republican congressman,It is the tradition of Anglo-Saxon conservatism, customary law and Christianity.

This is a photo taken by Democratic lawmakers. It looks like a hodgepodge all over the earth, mainly from the European continent and the Islamic heritage in the Middle East.

In a higher order, it is really unreasonable to promote the so-called inferior culture in the name of tolerance. The situation in France is there, the situation in Islam in the Middle East is there, and the situation in Africa is there.

Is hodgepodge the mainstream culture in the United States? Look at the places where the riots have something in common, either black areas or large areas.ChowderZone.

This Yale classmate, where did you get the confidence that you have found the mainstream culture in the United States?

Talk AgainThe Prejudice of Parents’ Generation. Prejudice is a what. Prejudice is people’s long-term accumulated views on groups. This is a normal reflection of objective facts in the mind. Prejudice against blacks is accumulated by the long-term behavior of black groups.

For the violent demonstrations in various places dominated by black people, look at the awakeningWhat did the little black brother say,

The black brother said in the video: Use your head, the media reported in the word riot before it developed into riot. Now hundreds of people have been caught, not locals at all, but by bus from other places. The mayor said, “You have been slaves for 400 years, so you can destroy everything and smash it.“I ‘ll tell you why,Liberals (mayors) are evil. They don’t live in your home. What they encourage you to destroy is your own neighborhood. Poor blacks are easy to control.

Another black brother made an in-depth analysis of the problems of the black community itself.

Little brother said:13% of blacks have triggered 55% of shootings and drug cases in the United States. He did not dare to return to the black neighborhood because the probability of being shot by black people was 2,000 times that of being shot by police and racists. Obama did not tell the truth because he needed black votes.

  There is no shortage of black peopleThose who can bravely reflect and face themselves face to face have hope in the future. However, after deep brainwashing of ethnic politics, black subjects have been lured by the so-called “equal rights” and kidnapped by “welfare”, losing the motivation and opportunity to grow up. Look at their voting data over the years.

The black people’s one-sided support for the Donkey Party even reached an outrageous figure of 98% in the Obama era. Then, what the Donkey Party needs to do is not to let the blacks stand on their own feet, but to let the blacks get bogged down in the mire and cannot help themselves. Today’s black community has lost the possibility of spiritual development and stays in a naive state of resorting to violence at every turn.

ForThe elimination of prejudice can only be improved through one’s own efforts. Just like Germany made in the early days of the Industrial Revolution, it is synonymous with fake and inferior products. Then the Germans, through their own efforts, made German manufacturing synonymous with high quality. The rise of modern Japan is also an example of eliminating prejudice and self-reliance. Now Japanese products also represent high quality.

This Yale classmate said, “Mainstream culture“, he took himself as the embodiment of wisdom. Another sentence”The Prejudice of Parents’ Generation “, moral sense burst into the roof to establish themselves in an invincible position.


After analyzing the problems of the title and preface, you can imagine the quality of the following articles and are too lazy to read them. It’s nothing more than being enslaved in history, black people are weak, I am weak and I am justified, etc.

The Yale classmate ignored the problems of the black community itself and regarded himself as the embodiment of justice. By the way, do you dare to stop in the black area at night? Would you like to move to a black neighborhood? If you are sure of YES, then I admire your courage and tell a story.

Pastor Jesse Jackson, the black civil rights leader, once said: “The most painful thing for me is to walk in the street and worry about being robbed after hearing footsteps behind me-looking back, I was relieved to see that it was white.”

It is more likely that you, like Obama, will encourage black people to protest against beating, smashing and looting while staying away from black areas. After Obama became rich as president, he bought millions and tens of millions of luxurious houses in a row. There can be no risk of being beaten, smashed and robbed.

The question is, how did this Yale student develop his stupidity? Long-term growth in a material environment, but do not know where prosperity comes from. More importantly, the external long-termIndoctrinationCutie Pie’s White Lotus Concept. Even if we try our best to enter the rattan school, it is still treading on thin ice.

As the saying goes, a soldier bears a bear.BearA nest.Principals are the leaders of the school. Take Harvard principals as an example to see what they think.Will itPutSome of the best people in the world are turned into fools?

Two speeches by Harvard President are very representative.


A speech by the headmaster

At the opening ceremony of Harvard freshmen on August 29, 2017, then President Drew Gilpin Faust addressed the freshmen. The scarlet letter marked the words in the speech.

There is a widespread saying in the headmaster’s speech that the goal of Harvard education is toTo ensure that graduates can distinguish “someone is talking nonsense”. This sentence is actually quoted by the headmaster, but since she used it, she also approved it.

Some people say this sentence shows Harvard’s confidence, but I think it is very suspicious. Because, such a goal is so easy to deviate, when you firmly judge that “others are talking nonsense”, it is possible to regard yourself as a god to guide the role of human destiny. The personal goal of university education is to pursue truth, not to turn oneself into truth. The public goal of university education is to promote the space for speech, not political correctness.

There is a sentence in it that makes meI couldn’t help laughing. “That’s whyYour class group must represent the widest range of backgrounds, experiences and interests, covering the most diverse geographical origins, social environments, nationalities, races, religions, gender identities, sexual orientations and political positions.

This turned out to be a president’s understanding of diversity. University education is elite education and has nothing to do with diversity. Human thought needs the guidance and breakthrough of elites, not egalitarianism. For example, what is the significance of putting Einstein, Newton, Madame Curie and Lomonosov together to study relativity and Christians, Buddhists, Islamists and atheists together to discuss common ideals? A netizen from Tao Jun made an image analogy:

Originally, the concepts and abilities of various ethnic groups varied greatly, and each should live in its own circle. Now chickens, crows, pigs and dogs all run into a cage, can there be no accident? One of the principles of the universe is that groups at different levels of civilization should contact cautiously and should not merge, otherwise they will be attacked. In fact, it is also simple, according to the attitude to distinguish. Where a person likes and dislikes, he will be sent to the place he likes.

At present, most rattan schools have set up so-called pluralistic offices, bringing people from different places, nationalities, races, genders, etc. to attend universities. For the sake of pluralism and pluralism, this is not education, this is called a hodgepodge. The consequence of the Great Leap Forward on Equal Rights in Education is the low intelligence of schools and students.

Harvard students lie down to protest

And. “We believe that the pursuit of truth requires continuous verification and reassessment, continuous argumentation, challenge and debate.“I really took it, does truth need to be verified? Truth does not need to be verified, and what needs to be verified is definitely not truth. For example, human beings are a part of nature, and human cognition is very limited. This is all truth. The headmaster said so, revealing his ignorance of basic concepts.

And: “We firmly believe that education and learning are the means of human progress.“This sentence is full of the flavor of progressive theory. However, the fact is that education and learning may also become a means for human retrogression. Europe is the birthplace of modern civilization. After the popularization of modern education, World War I and World War II almost destroyed Europe. Without education, one may be ignorant. After receiving the wrong education, one will become stupid and morally despicable.

Another headmaster

On May 30, 2019, at the 368th graduation ceremony of Harvard University, the current president of Harvard University, Lawrence Bacow, invited German Chancellor Angela Merkel to give a speech and awarded her an honorary doctorate. Merkel said, “I want you to tear down the walls of ignorance and narrow thinking.”,“Don’t tell a lie to the truth, and don’t tell the truth to be a lie.“. This is always the right rhetoric. The key is who judges ignorance and narrow-mindedness.

Lawrence Baco himselfThe speech was relatively stable on the whole, but when introducing excellent students, it inadvertently showed us important information. Look at the project praised by Harvard President, which hides the concept of what?

  Sasha Kill Ewald reveals how marriage and parenthood affect wages and helps us understand whyEconomic inequalityIt persists between generations-and how we break the cycle of poverty.

Sara Bleich passed the considerationPublic PolicyThe changes in how to reduce the consumption of high-calorie foods and soft drinks helpSolving the Obesity Problem;
Tony Jack is changing how college exams
Worry about
Supporting disadvantaged studentsAnd improve their prospects, not only at university, but alsoThroughout my life.

  “Economy does notEquality “The topic of this requires in-depth thinking. Generally speaking, such statements will lead to the problem of the gap between the rich and the poor. In the context of the French Revolution, differences are bad things, especially the differences in wealth, so the theory of the struggle between the rich and the poor came out.

Hollywood stars have expressed their firm support for the anti-discrimination demonstrations of beating, smashing and looting. Just in time, the demonstrators shouted the slogan of “Eat the Rich” and rushed to Beverly Hills, where the stars were concentrated. In this way, it is better to ask for benevolence and benevolence, so that their luxurious houses can enjoy the services of demonstrators.

However, just like natural differences in human appearance, ability, foundation and environment, the gap between rich and poor is not necessarily evil. Sixty years ago, the economy was indeed equal. Where we could see it, everyone was equally poor and it was a problem to have enough food. However, in the market environment, the gap between the rich and the poor has widened, but people’s income has generally increased regardless of the rich and the poor, except that some people have increased even more, and people no longer need to worry about the problem of full food.

So,When the social class solidifies and people cannot improve their situation through efforts, the gap between rich and poor becomes a problem.When society downplays identity labels (such as skin color, ethnic group, gender and region) and there are many ways to rise, the gap between rich and poor is not a problem, but a feature of social prosperity.Adam Smith gave the answer more than 200 years ago. Market economy is the best charity.

Just like the legendary doctor mentioned earlier, he grew up in the slum and realized the transition of class through his own efforts. Musk, an immigrant from South Africa, started from scratch in the United States and founded great companies in many fields. He successfully launched manned spacecraft in the past two days. He also took time out of his busy schedule to meet the president and his party and delivered important speeches to big shots.

  Musk’s story, especially the launch of spacecraft by private companies, cannot be replicated anywhere outside the United States. We can judge that the United States has the world’s leading freedom and social vitality.This means that the upward path of society is sufficient.. This conclusion can also be verified by the proportion of Nobel Prizes over the past 100 years. After many people went to the United States, their academic abilities were brought into full play and they won the Nobel Prize.

“Solving Obesity with Public Policies”. In such research, there is not even a basic sense of public and private boundaries. It seems that brain-dead topics exist all over the world. Obesity is a matter of body shape, which is entirely a personal matter. It is related to heredity, but also to living habits (healthy dietYou can give personal advice, but don’t talk about public policies.

Is there still a rule that requires me to eat a few slices of bread, a few pieces of braised pork, what fruits, how many calories and how many roads to walk every day? Stop bullshit, everyone should be responsible for his own health.

  “Support vulnerable groups in the whole life”. Another brain-dead topic, how to define vulnerable groups? Does it mean less money, low ability or discrimination?

If it is a low-income group, is it to increase benefits or increase their employment opportunities?

If the ability is low, should relief be given or the threshold be lowered? For example, Musk’s manned space program should take into account race and take care of a certain group or something when recruiting people?

If they are discriminated against, should they be given charity, warmth and care, or should they improve their behavior so that they can be respected? If it is only charity, then it means that the grounds for discrimination are established.

  I have to arrange the whole life of others, don’t IAre you God?

This topic, can directly refer to the aboveEconomic inequalityThe interpretation of.These programs are so vulgar that they should have appeared in French universities, not inAmerican Rattan School.

The ideas revealed in the speeches of the two Harvard presidents are really disappointing. To borrow a passage from Gustav Le Pen, a French social psychologist at the end of the 19th century, to examine modern education:

  People often hold the wrong view that education can make great changes in people’s lives. This view insists that education will be foolproof.Transform the people and even turn them into equal people.

However, what we want to say is that education will neither make a person more moral nor make him happier.…… Even in some cases, as long as bad guidance, the disadvantages of education will outweigh the benefits.

The reason why such a dangerous situation occurs is that the education system is based on a wrong psychological foundation. This foundation holds that intelligence is improved by studying textbooks well. As long as a person’s grades are good enough, his intelligence will be steadily improved.

However, in fact, this kind of education will only make a young person’s “independent thinking ability and personal consciousness never come in handy.”

Le Pen believes that the modern education system will make students generally move towards anti-social personality. Unfortunately, his prediction is becoming a reality.Dear Chinese friends, it is not to say that everything will be all right to send their children to the rattan school. Today’s education sector, especially universities, has become a training institution for mass production of fools.


  This timeThe nature of the riot, the black people aboveLittle brother said very clearly:Originally an ordinary judicial case, but under the planning and instigation of some forces, in the areas controlled by the donkey party, the donkey party and government members encouraged blacks to rise and violently smashed their own communities. This is not to give a voice to the victimized George Freud at all, but to deliberately create social unrest, with blacks becoming pawns.

Judging from the history of the United States, there are various demonstrations and protests everywhere every day, which is the norm. Chaos and even violence in areas controlled by the Donkey Party are also the norm. The regions where immigrants from the Third World are concentrated show obvious characteristics of the Third World. It is time to review the so-called policy of cultural pluralism.

Over the past few decades, the affirmative action movement has been vigorous and has brought about real equality and development? From this Yale classmate’s article and Harvard President’s speech, we saw deep discrimination:It is forbidden for others to tell the facts of the black problem and give the black so-called equal treatment with gifts and alms. The essence of this practice is that blacks cannot achieve self-improvement through hard work, which is precisely the most thorough discrimination against blacks.

Under the influence of the White Left ideological trend and the manipulation of the donkey party and government, modern black Americans have generally lost their spiritual thinking power and become giant babies in American society. Giant BabyIt is impossible to form an independent personality through self-examination.The external manifestation isSimplify your thinking,Emotional character and violent behavior.

  I wrote an article before, review this topic.Prejudice and discrimination are complex social phenomena.The difference between people and groups is the attribute of nature. Heaven cannot be violated. Admitting prejudice, understanding prejudice and facing prejudice squarely are the steps for confident people to grow up.

  Difference is prejudice, praise is discrimination.Shouldn’t there be prejudice against people who defecate everywhere? Shouldn’t we discriminate against people who habitually lie? Shouldn’t we discriminate against those who are prone to beating, smashing and looting?

Without discrimination against barbarism, there is no prominent civilization.

How hypocritical it is for Bai Zuo to deny the existence of differences.

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