The works are reviewed by her, Yanye Qisheng, a legendary Japanese historical writer, and her works are fully assembled!

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As for “history”, there may still be many people whose first impression is the cold historical facts of the past. For the sake of various examinations, I believe many people have memorized the time, background, causes and results of various historical events. For the sake of high marks, we even memorize those rules and regulations by rote. The process is not easy or even painful.


However, there is such a special kind of writer-Historical writerThey take history as their basis, but by telling stories, we have found the best way to open history.

There are many such historical writers, such as famous American historical writers.Barbara W. TuchmanIn 1936 and 1972, she won the Pulitzer Prize twice for “August Artillery” and “Stilwell and the Experience of the United States in China, 1911-1945”.

The writing of historical writers is always full of drama and picture feeling. On the premise of fully exploring historical materials, it is accompanied by meaningful discussions and reflections.TheyYesThe writing object has a deep heart, including creativity, which is no less than the imagination used by novelists in writing.

If writing is regarded as art and the writer is an artist, Gibbon is no worse than Dickens.

History Writers Write HistoryThere will be an extraordinary sense of mission., that isWrite a history that attracts readers to read on, so that readers can’t stop being as eager to history as they are.

This requires historical writers to have profound language skills, just as painters use brushes, sculptors use clay and stone, composers use notes,History writers need to use language to reshape a story in order to capture readers’ attention.


Japanese legendary historical writerSeven Rhizoma SalinaeIs such a history writer who can tell stories.

Yanye Qisheng has been engaged in non-fiction history writing for more than 50 years. Her worksFocus on European history before the 16th century and tell the story of 2500 years when the Mediterranean was the center of the world.The historical period written runs throughAncient Greece and Rome, Middle Ages and RenaissanceThis is a process of Western civilization from kindling to raging fire, then to the slow extinguishment of the flame, and finally to the emergence of new vitality from the ashes. On the basis of a large number of historical materials collected and sorted out,The way of telling stories opens the door for us to explore western history and civilization.

Readers who are keen on reading history will definitely not be right. “Seven Rhizoma Salinae“The name is strange.

Yanyo was born in Japan in 1937. At the age of 26, he traveled to Italy to study for two years. Deeply aware that Japan is a country without heroes, he resolutely ran away soon after returning to Italy and settled in Rome for decades.

Yanye Qisheng, who lived happily in Italy, first paid attention to Italy as the stage.The Renaissance, successively wrote“Renaissance Women”, “Elegant Cold”, “God’s Agent”, “Haidu Story” and “My Friend Machiavelli” etc.The Story of the Renaissance

After writing the story of the Renaissance, her attention turned toAncient RomeTherefore, starting from 1992, Yanye Qisheng took the ancient Roman Empire as the theme and completed a 15-volume Roman history with a depth of more than 1,000 years in 2006 at the rate of one volume per year.“The Story of the Romans”It has aroused great repercussions from political, business and academic circles in China, Japan, South Korea and even the world. Famous celebrities such as Wang Shi, Yu Minhong, Wu Xiaobo, Luo Zhenyu and Wang Wei have made every effort to recommend it.

After “The Story of the Romans” was written, someone once asked Yanye Qisheng: Will what be written below? Her answer was:

After writing about the Renaissance and ancient Rome, I found that there were still 1,000 years left untouched. I think this passage will be called the Millennium of the Middle Ages.Write it down.

That’s it,She askedMiddle AgesLaunched a challenge.In fact, the first half of the previously written “Haidu Story” has already written about the Middle Ages. Because the Republic of Venice is a sea city-state spanning the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Looking at the Middle Ages from the perspective of Western Europe, this book is basically enough.

However, when it comes to the Middle Ages, it is necessary to bring the Christian world and the Islamic world into view more widely.There were two major themes in the Middle Ages: one was the conflict between kingship and theocracy, and the other was the conflict between Christian civilization and Islamic civilization. In the conflict between Christianity and Islam, it can be divided into two major areas, land conflict and sea conflict.

So Yanye Qisheng wrote earlier“Mediterranean Naval Battle Trilogy”It also belongs to the category of the Middle Ages. When she first read Homer’s epic Iliad in the summer when she was 16 years old, she was attracted by the Mediterranean world and wanted to write like Iliad.A war with the meaning of confrontation between heterogeneous civilizations.Therefore, after completing the “Story of the Sea Capital”, he began to write the “Mediterranean Sea Battle Trilogy”, which tells the story of the three wars in which two heterogeneous civilizations, Christianity and Islam, took the Mediterranean as the stage of war, fought against each other for faith, land and trade control, and finally changed the world pattern and the trend of human civilization.

Another focus on the maritime clashes of heterogeneous civilizations is the two volumes written after the Romans’ Story.The Mediterranean World after the Death of RomeBy focusing on pirates and navies, the book writes about the confrontation between Islamists in North Africa and Christians in Southern Europe across the sea at that time.

On the land conflict, Yano Qisheng wrote four volumes of“The Story of the Crusaders”The theme is the fierce conflict between the Nordic Christian world and the Islamic world in the Middle and Near East. Then, there isThe finale of the Middle AgesThe Story of Emperor Frederick IIThis work is about the opposition within the Christian world andThe duel between theocracy and vulgarity.

All these works have one thing in common, that isTake the millennium of the Middle Ages as the stage.. After reading these works, one will understand that the Middle Ages were how’s era and the differences between the Middle Ages and the ancient times.Know why there was a Renaissance after the Middle Ages.

“The Story of the Greeks”It is the sealed work of Yanye Qisheng’s history writing. After 9 years of comprehensive introduction of Roman history with 15 volumes of “The Story of the Romans”, Yanye Qisheng traced back to the source and returned toAncient GreeceBegan to pay attention to the Roman mentor-the GreeksThe Romans were able to establish and maintain a huge circle of civilization for a long time because they actively learned from Greece. The Greeks are like sprinters in the competition of civilization. Although they are not as enduring as the Romans, they have always been the creators of the world civilization record and have not been surpassed so far.


Yanye Qisheng’s historical works are neither difficult and difficult academic historical books and documents, nor shallow and frivolous unofficial history and “novels” made up in disorder, butOpening up the Two Major Fields of “Academic Research” and “Historical Novels”An extraordinary book of historical stories

Seven Rhizoma SalinaeUseUnique oriental perspective + immersive western historical exploration + super-strong rational analysis ability + unique sensitivity and delicacy of womenFind out the main line of pulsation from the complicated historical appearances, vividly reproduce the history, thoroughly, clearly and concretely, presenting readers not the cold years and facts in textbooks, butPeople with worldly desires and countless storiesBehind every historical change are wonderful historical facts,YesWe understand the best way to open the context of Western history and civilization.

Yanye Qisheng’s series of works will soon be published.

Romans’ Stories (Revised Edition, All 15 Volumes)


Published: July 2020

Pricing: 760 yuan

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The representative work of Yanye Qisheng is a classic of Roman history worth collecting. It will be completely revised and reprinted in 2020!

In this mediocre era, everyone longs for heroes. Japanese female writer Yanye Qisheng definitely left Japan and went to Rome to look for heroes. After settling in Rome for more than 50 years, he wrote 15 great books “The Story of the Romans” in 15 years, restoring a small country on the Italian peninsula to become a world empire, lasting 1300 years of glorious history, and recreating an era of heroes…

The Romans were not as intelligent as the Greeks, physically inferior to the Gaul, technically inferior to the Etruscan and economically inferior to the Carthaginians, but why could they defeat their opponents one by one and establish and maintain a huge Roman Empire?Only when you understand ancient Rome can you understand Europe in the past and the world today.


The Greek Story (All 3 Volumes)


Published: November 2018

Pricing: 148 yuan

Yanye Qisheng’s historical writing is a companion piece to the Romans’ Story.

The two foundations of western civilization, one is Christianity, which emerged later, and the other is ancient Greek and Roman civilization.……After introducing the history of the Romans in a comprehensive way with “The Story of the Romans”, Tracing back to the source, Greece, a nation with great sense of reform and innovation in that era, It will bring us back to the legendary era when man and God coexist in the same world. It will calmly and thoroughly focus on how multi-civilizations coexist. The scene will reproduce how heroes with different personalities lead the country to the peak in the decisions that change the world pattern one after another.

Different from academic books and fairy tales, the Greek Story systematically and completely links up the history of ancient Greece.It is a non-fiction work dedicated to the history of ancient Greece.

The Mediterranean World after the Death of Rome (2 volumes)


Published: October 2014

Pricing: 88 yuan

The Mediterranean gave birth to the Renaissance with 1,000 years of darkness to see how civilization was reborn from the ruins of Rome.

In an interview with Japanese media, Yanye Qisheng said that after writing “The Story of the Romans”, it was natural to consider that what was the reason for the collapse of the Roman Empire. In general,Is without the spirit of “law”

In Roman times, the Mediterranean Sea was Rome’s internal sea and a thoroughfare connecting people. After the demise of Rome, pirates became masters of the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean Sea was no longer a thoroughfare connecting people, but a boundary sea isolating people.Europe has been plunged into darkness for 1,000 years.The Middle Ages was an era when there were no laws and no ethics to abide by.

Yanye Qisheng wrote about the Mediterranean Sea from the standpoint of civilians attacked by pirates.Living in the fear of pirates invading, plundering and killing, the Mediterranean coast put people in despair, stimulated actions and thinking, and civilization was reborn from the ruins of Rome.

The Story of the Crusaders (All 4 volumes)


Published: October 2017

Pricing: 148 yuan

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The late clock of the Middle Ages, the dawn of the Renaissance. See how great pain can lead to the vitality and prosperity of the next era.

A long time ago, an army of Christians set out from Europe to Asia. Their goal is Jerusalem, the holy place in their hearts, and at the same time they are fighting against the Islamic world in the name of God. This army, marked by the cross, gathered all the way east, attacking cities and territories along the way, massacring pagans, and withering all the bones. On the other hand, the Central Asian countries that believe in Islam rose up in the face of the war and defended their homes. Nearly 200 years of blood and fire have watered the flowers of civilization, leaving painful memories that cannot be erased in history.

The Crusades brought great pain to human civilization, but the 200-year war caused people to reflect on themselves, and the shackles of medieval religion on human nature began to loosen. The Islamic world is gradually unified and strong against foreign enemies. On the other hand, with the war, goods and cultures from the East and the West began to blend and exchange, and the Renaissance was coming.

Mediterranean Naval Battle Trilogy (All 3 Volume)


Published: July 2020

Pricing: 98 yuan

The splendid epic of the collision of heterogeneous civilizations, “the war to divide the world”, is a key singularity in the process of human history.

Focusing on the history of the clash of civilizations in the Mediterranean region,About the Two Heterogeneous Civilizations of Christianity and Islam, taking the Mediterranean as the stage of war, fighting each other over faith, land and trade control,Three Wars that Eventually Change the World Pattern and the Trend of Human Civilization-The fall of Constantinople in 1453, the attack and defense of Rhode Island in 1522, and the naval battle of Lebando in 1571.

The three “wars to divide the world” have interwoven a splendid epic of the collision of different civilizations.Witness an important turning point in the development of human civilization and a key singularity in the historical process.


The Story of Emperor Frederick II (2 volumes)


Published: November 2018

Pricing: 88 yuan

The finale of the medieval story of Yanye Qisheng. In the chaotic era, a reformer who influenced the trend of the times, the real version of Game of Thrones.

The Holy Roman Emperor Frederick IIAs a leader of different colors in the theocratic era of the Middle Ages in Europe, he was not only devout, daring to love and hate, but also a reformer full of creative spirit. He is proficient in Arabic, loves learning, likes falcons, attaches importance to law, is good at diplomacy, and has a rich emotional life.A rare and prominent politician of that era.

Yanye Qisheng told the story with great interest.The Growth History of Frederick IIFrom courage and uprightness to understanding the ways of the world, it can be said thatA Real Game of Thrones in History

The Story of the Renaissance (All 6 volumes)

Published: March 2017

Pricing: 392 yuan

The Renaissance is an era when the desire to see, know and understand erupts and the moment to seek change should be looked back.

Hundreds of years after the fall of the Roman Empire, a flame no less than that of that year was rekindled in the embers.Renaissance is a lighthouse where people’s will is respected and a spark of knowledge is gathered. It is an era that everyone who seeks his own meaning yearns for.Listen to Yanye Qisheng telling the stories of these Renaissance people.

This series includes “Renaissance is what”, “My Friend Machiavelli”, “Haidu Story: One Thousand Years of Venice”, “Renaissance Women”, “Elegant Cold: The Life of Cesare Borgia” and “God’s Agent”.

Quotations from Machiavelli


Published: October 2016

Pricing: 42 yuan

Yanye Qisheng compiled exclusively, through 500 years of wisdom quotations, condensed and presented Machiavelli’s philosophy.

Yanye Qisheng has thoroughly studied all Machiavelli’s works. From several important works such as “On the Monarch”, “On Levi” and “The Art of War”, he has refined the essence of sentences, translated and arranged them, and for the first time condensed and presented Machiavelli’s thoughts in a “quotation style”.

In today’s commercial era, Machiavelli’s ideas are given new value.“Monarchy” was recommended by Harvard Business School as one of the 100 mandatory books for political and business leaders, by Fortune magazine as one of the 75 mandatory books for business, and was included in the list of mandatory books for management. Jobs, who built Apple, was also well versed in Machiavelli’s philosophy. It can be said that today’s business operators may not read management books, but they must read Machiavelli.

Men’s Stories (All 3 Volume)


Published: June 2020

Pricing: 88 yuan

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Looking at modern characters from a historical perspective, and interpreting a “provocative” work by Yanye Qisheng, a man in history, from a modern perspective.

Alexander the Great turned out to be a mother treasure man? Napoleon’s family philanthropy deprived him of his wildness? Is Elite Men a Good Choice for Partners?

Yanye Qisheng wrote stories from Pericles, Alexander the Great, Caesar and Napoleon to film director Ferini, athlete Lewis and even ordinary restaurant waiters.Through a character, understand the worldly wisdom of an era and give people who wish to have rationality, sensibility and foresight.

The trajectory of thought


Published: June 2020

Pricing: 48 yuan

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Yanye Qisheng explained his philosophy of life with rare and affectionate dialogues with famous ancient and modern artists.

In this book, Yanye Qisheng talks with famous ancient and modern artists from a distance to discuss the reasons for the changes and development of history and civilization. He recorded the details of life with simple narration and explained his philosophy of life.

The topic in “The Track of Thought” ranges from the history and culture of the country to football, movies and trivial matters of life. It can be said thatThe Essential Record of Yanye’s Spiritual Thought and Life Experience for Many YearsTo lead readers to observe the world with their unique perspective and thinking isThe Witness of the Ideological Track of the Author’s 40 Years of Living in Rome

These stories told by Yanye Qisheng

Not the tombstone of the lost age

But a guide to the future… … …


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