Depth: Analysis of Some Distorted Thinking of Abnormal Christians

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Depth: Analysis of Some Distorted Thinking of Abnormal Christians

Zhang Yuanlai

Some lines and cases that are often used in the evangelization of the church and are almost regarded as classic by some people.For example, it is likely to be counterproductive, repugnant, even inconsistent with historical facts, theological foundations, or even contrary toBasic logic. This article draws some commonly used examples with obvious fallacies to analyze for your reference. Perhaps we can avoid those examples that are not in line with logical common sense and may hurt people’s emotions.

1. The reason why the United States is strong is that it is a Christian country.

The person who said this sentence has a sincere wish that people will see the benefits of believing in the Lord. But think carefully about this sentenceWords, but there are many problems. For example, historically, the United States is not necessarily a Christian country. The Constitution of the United StatesThe law stipulates that religion cannot interfere with the country, and whether the faith of several founding fathers of the United States is pure or notThe positive evangelical faith is still controversial. Second, even though the United States is greatly influenced by Christianity, this is related to herWhat does it matter if you are strong? She is strong. What does this have to do with the gospel we want to preach? How do you prove that the United StatesIs it because of the Christian faith that the power of the? How does that explain the sins of the United States? The strength of other countries is due toWhy? The Mongols are much stronger than the United States. They burn, kill and loot everywhere. Can you prove it?Emperor made them powerful to kill? Is the weakness of other countries the cause of what? This is not a complete logical relationship. Therefore, using this example based on false premise to prove the Gospel can neither achieve the desired effect nor prove what, even make people disgusted, and deviate from the core issue of the Gospel.

2. Bill Gates is the richest man in the world because he is a Christian.

This sentence is also often used by evangelists as an example of God’s blessing and encourages people to believe in the Lord. First of all, thisThere is a problem with the motive of evangelizing people to believe in the Lord. Is the gospel of Jesus Christ to make people the gospel of the richest man? Secondly, if you come up with this inference-this is only an induction, and you only use one that does not rely onHow can Gates, a member of the spectrum, sum up a basic rule? This induction does not hold water. Third, how do you prove Bill Gates is a Christian? Even a Christian, how do you prove that he is rich becauseHe’s a Christian? How do you explain that many Christians are not rich? And how does it explain that many of China’s richest people do notChristian?

The terrible thing about this example lies in the utilitarianism of faith, in order to make faith gain wealth and its establishment.It means that wealth is God’s blessing, weakening the concept of blessing. Suffering and poverty are sometimes a kind ofBlessing. Judging from the effect of evangelizing, can such nonsense inference really make a person believe in the Lord honestly?What does it have to do with the salvation at the heart of the Christian faith? The result is self-evident.

3. If you trust in God, you will be rich in all things.

Through the above two examples, evangelists often want to express that if you also believe in the Lord, you can do everything.Abundance. There are many problems with this conclusion. For example, you are not believing in the main purpose, utilitarian. Also misunderstoodGospel. Is the purpose of the gospel to make people rich? Is the purpose of believing in the Lord to gain benefits? This is ChristDo you believe in religion? Is this what you preach the gospel or believe in the Lord for?

If the listener asks you a few questions, you will not be able to justify yourself. For example, what do you think of many poor and sick people?Believers of? What do you think of the sufferings of the apostles? How do you explain Christ’s statement that you have suffering in the world?Therefore, this example is not in line with the facts, but also leads to the wrong direction of the gospel.

4. Jesus has taken care of everything for you. Therefore, as long as you believe in the Lord, all your problems will not exist.

This is a case often used by successful theology. It can also be used to comfort injured worshippers in evangelization.My heart. But the fact is, Jesus has taken care of all our worries, does Christians not have to bear any of them?The price of. Sometimes, it is precisely because of faith that you have more troubles. This sentence is a better watchThe statement may be:

Jesus has given you everything, so as long as you confess and repent and believe in the Lord, he can do all your sins.Forgive, He can bear all your burdens, He can solve all your problems, He can solve all your responsibilitiesCan give you strength to face it.

5. If you open your mouth wide, I will fill you. Therefore, you only need to pray, and God will give you abundant supplies.

This case is also supported by other scriptures, such as: “Look for it and find it, knock at the door and open it to you. The Father and God you need all know that they must give it to you” and so on. However, these scriptures are all related to their contexts. The former is about the Holy Spirit, while the latter is about the gifts and resources needed to fulfill God’s trust. Not meThey asked what according to their own desires, and God listened to what. We believe in God, not God. Is obedience to God, not to God obedience to us.

Evangelization cannot lead admirers to dishonest greed, but to sincere confession and repentance and acceptance of God’sSalvation, otherwise our believers will become utilitarian believers from the beginning.

6. So-and-so officials were baptized in so-and-so places, and so-and-so stars were Christians.

This sentence is widely circulated on the Internet in the church, which seems to make some guilty Christians more false.Pride: You see that so-and-so has been baptized and seems to see the hope of the church at once.

Let’s not say the truth of these rumors. Take a close look at the incident itself. So-and-so officials even if really believe in the Lord? So what if not? Do they believe in the Lord to represent correct faith, or do they not believe in the Lord to representIncorrect faith? Do they believe and spread that they believe is the creation of people? Is the Christian faith based onOn the basis of their beliefs? Can one’s faith in the Lord represent the values of Christianity? Spreading such rumors

Value is only negative value, I can’t see any positive information. If they believe, they cannot increase the cohesion of the church, and if they do not believe, they cannot undermine the persuasion of the Christian faith. This has nothing to do with faith or gospel. MeWhat we want to preach is salvation, Jesus Christ and his crucifixion, not the experience of so-and-so. Preach such lettersInterest can only show that you have no confidence in Christian faith and need a celebrity effect. In fact, Christian stars are the mostUnreliable group of people, their temptation is great, the possibility of falling down is more, and their behavior pattern is not necessarily the same.In line with the traditional church habits and the public’s taste in life, I am only worried that preaching their experience of believing in the Lord can only becomeNegative news from the church.

7, so-and-so Christian is so-and-so high official what people?

This so-called example, like the above one, is an attempt to justify the Christian faith with powerful figures.This kind of logic does not have relevance, is a false reason inference-because so-and-so high official what people are the foundationTherefore, the Christian faith is true and worthy of faith. In fact, whether they are Christians or not,There is no causal relationship with whether the Christian faith is true or worthwhile.

On the other hand, it also violates the principle that the Bible does not rely on power or talent.To blessThe testimony of sound is meaningless.If the faith in Christ needs power to prove it, why didn’t Christ be born in the family of generals?Christians have always been opposed by the Bible to worship the masses and officials. WeAgainThere is no need to publicize it so much.Retreat oneStep by step, even if your propaganda is true, it is not conducive to the spread of the gospel at all, let alone to the parties concerned.Moreover, such rumors are mostly groundless.It is meaningless to pass on what is true, and it is even more obvious that what is passed on is false.Church hypocrisy.

8. The so-and-so meeting shows that Christianity has opened up and the Bible has been written into textbooks in so-and-

This is also another false inference that takes external factors as examples of beliefs. Policy is the protection of belief, but policy protection does not represent the correctness of belief. There is no causal relationship between the two.

The inclusion of the Bible in the textbook does not mean that the textbook recognizes the Christian faith. Even if the textbook recognizes the Christian faith, it does not mean that the Christian faith is a true faith because they believe in Christ. In other words, the Christian faithThe body is real, whether you recognize the letter or not will not damage its authenticity. This is to put the authenticity of the main Christian faith inThe recognition of textbooks is above the letter, putting the cart before the horse. Moreover, even so, it is not worth witnessing as a gospel.Examples. This is not conducive to the development of the church, nor is it conducive to the spread of the gospel. There is no logical relationship with the witness of faith.

9. So-and-so found a job because he believed in the Lord.

Such expressions are very common in churches, but they all belong to logical errors of false cause inference. ThaksinThere is no logical and inevitable relationship between Lord and job search. Can’t those who don’t believe in the Lord find jobs? Did he find a jobIs it because Thaksin believed in the Lord? Where is the logical relationship in the middle? What does this have to do with Christian faith? AndWhat does salvation have to do with it? Can he prove the credibility of the Christian faith by finding a job? He didn’t find a jobProve that the Christian faith is not credible? This is a logical fakeSetThe mistake of cannot be used as an example of belief.

How many Christians are there now?

Similar to the above days, this inference Jesus based his faith on human beings, believing that all people wereWhat is believed is true and credible. If it is true, it is also true if you don’t believe it. If it is fake, everyone will believe it.It’s also fake. This part is also a false cause mistake.

Opponents can ask you in turn, do you believe more than you do, is it more true that you do not believe? Western baseDoes the decrease in the number of believers prove that your beliefs are untrue?Similar propaganda can only make people disgusted and sensitive, and will not increase people’s favorable impression and perception of the Christian faith.There is no benefit to the testimony of Christian faith.

11, CCTV, or so-and-so media have admitted Jesus…?

First, this is basically groundless rumors; Second, even if it is true, it cannot prove the belief.Rationality; Third, whether you can use the report of a certain media to prove it, it is also true that the reasoning fully confirms the belief.Fourth, there is no logical connection between whether I believe in Jesus or not. One cannot believe what just because the media said it wasWhat. Then, many other religions preach their things every day, even heresy has their own.Media, can that prove the authenticity of faith? The authenticity of faith is not based on the media.

12. God let me miss a certain bus. As a result, the bus had an accident.

This is also an example we often hear. But this example is really more harmful than beneficial. First, you look forLess than the middle of the logical relationship; Second, this cannot explain the authenticity of the faith. Christians will also suffer from natural disasters.Man-made disasters, this cannot say whether God is true or not. Third, if a theological analysis shows that a person who believes in the Lord dies.If you don’t believe in the Lord, you can still go to heaven. If those who don’t believe in the Lord die, you can’t be sure that he goes to heaven. If God does, what is the meaning of it?Where is it? Fourth, behind this question, it also shows that you still don’t want to leave the world. You don’t agree with the beauty of heaven.Fixed cognition.

The author does not deny the grace of this possibility of God, but even the spiritual truth, this truth is alsoIt’s a kind of injury. You cannot deduce from it that God will definitely distinguish Christians from all natural and man-made disasters.The doctrine of not experiencing disasters. Therefore, this isolated case cannot be summarized as a rule, let alone a doctrine. When used in gospel testimony, it cannot help people repent or prove the authenticity of the gospel. Even, for a person who has not yetThose who believe in the Lord and admire the Tao can only increase people’s antipathy. Sometimes, when the truth is not used correctly, it is hurt.

There are many similar errors in the church, just like the many hypocritical cases used to attack the Christian faith.Sample is not only wrong in fact, but also in logic. It is mostly based on false causes and is also a misunderstanding of the essence of belief. His sincerity can be learned, and his mistakes are dazzling. Some examples don’t make sense at all,Some words are correct but do not make people, and seem true but useless to the occasion. The testimony of Christ’s faith is harmless and harmless.One profit, really need to put an end to.

The core belief value and unique doctrine of Christianity lie in salvation, repentance consciousness and sacred value,This is her unique and everyone needs it. The Gospel itself is the best proof that we do not need toUtilitarian reasons to induce people to believe in the Lord, the truth of the Bible itself is sufficient to meet people’s needs, all we need isIt is only to use universal methodology to clarify the truth of the Bible, to explain the credibility of the Bible, to live out the testimony of faith,It is only to lead people into the truth, to know God and to establish a relationship with God. If you don’t believe it, you can find thousands ofOne reason, but faith, does not need any reason. Redundant examples can only prove your guilty conscience.


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