Is there civilization in black Africa? -Sudan Pyramid Group

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Syracuse’s Confused Case:Some people say Husky was an invalid draft when God designed the wolf. Then when we see the pyramids of Sudan, we may sigh that this is a draft of the pyramids of Egypt, although the pyramids of Sudan are a little dwarfed by the pyramids of Egypt. But there is no doubt that it is the same as primitive simplicity, gorgeous and fascinating.

In the desert more than 240 kilometers from Khartoum, Sudan’s capital, there is a group of pyramids with more than the number of pyramids in Egypt as a whole. These 220 pyramids are the tombs of the famous Meroe Dynasty in Sudan’s history. These pyramids are located in the desert of eastern Sudan and are distributed along the Nile River.

Different from the tall and spectacular Egyptian pyramids, the Sudanese pyramids are much smaller than the Egyptian pyramids and can be said to be the “twin brother” of the Egyptian pyramids. The largest of these pyramids is 20-30 meters high. The towers are very close to each other, and some towers are almost connected. The builders used reddish-brown stones, which were smaller, smoother and more regular than the Egyptian pyramids, and were filled with sand and gravel. Its design style is similar to Mayan pyramids, with narrow edges and steep sidewalls.

The builders of the pyramids in Sudan were the rulers of Meroe, the so-called Meroe, the political center of the Kush kingdom founded by the ancient Nubians. At that time, the political and economic center of the ancient Nubian people migrated from Nabata to Meroe and established their last capital and largest city in Meroe. In the vast Sahara Desert, these 220 pyramids in Sudan’s Meroe form a huge scenic line, which has now been listed as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO.

We should not be too unfamiliar with the ancient Nubians. The blacks appearing in some movies and TV plays about Egypt are actually the historical images of the Nubians. Because of the continuous close relationship between Egypt and Sudan, the style of religious architecture will also have a profound impact on Sudan.

I was surprised to find the pyramid of Sudan unintentionally in China, so I found some words and pictures on the Internet.Material, simple do a little whole list, for your reference.

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