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Edited by Yao Baihui

World Knowledge Press

Published at:June 2020


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Author’s Brief Introduction

Yao Baihui is vice president, professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of History of Capital Normal University. The main teaching and research fields are the history of modern international relations and the contemporary history of the world. He has published many related papers in publications such as “World History”, “Research on Historical Theory”, “Research on Contemporary Chinese History” and “Research on the History of the Communist Party of China” and presided over many projects above the provincial and ministerial levels.

Content Introduction

This book is a guide to the world history research database collected or available in China. It aims to become an introduction guide for beginners in world history research, a reference guide for library procurement, and a reference for the classification of data resources in university libraries. For the study of world history, the effective use of relevant databases can not only track the frontier of discipline development, but also find the basic documents and even research tools used in the study. This reference book not only briefly introduces the relevant database, but also further provides its collection in China or network links, so as to provide clues for searching and utilizing. The author collected 1145 kinds of foreign language database resources by investigating 21 domestic libraries at all levels and collecting, sorting and translating related network resources, and classified, sorted and introduced these huge foreign language database resources.


Part I Category K: Historical Geography

K0 theory of historiography

K1 World History

K10 General History

K12 Ancient History

K13 History of the Middle Ages

K14 Modern History

K15 Modern History

K2 History of China

K3 Asian History

K31 East Asia

K312 Korean Peninsula

K313 Japan

K33 Southeast Asia

K333 Viet Nam

K334 Laos

K335 Cambodia

K336 Thailand

K337 Myanmar

K341 Philippines

K342 Indonesia

K35 South Asia

K351 India

K353 Pakistan

K37 West Asia (South-West Asia)

K372 Afghanistan

K373 Iran

K374 Turkey

K375 Cyprus

K376 Syria

K377 Iraq

K378 Lebanon

K382 Israel

K384 Saudi Arabia

K393 Yemen

K4 History of Africa

K41 North Africa

K411 Egypt

K413 Libya

K416 Morocco

K447 Liberia

K47 South Africa

K478 South Africa (Azania)

K5 History of Europe

K51 Eastern Europe, Central Europe

K512 Russia and Soviet Union

K512.931 Estonia

K513 Poland

K514 Czechoslovakia

K515 Hungary

K516 Germany

K521 Austria

K522 Switzerland

K53 Nordic

K531 Finland

K534 Denmark

K54 Southern Europe (South-East Europe, South-West Europe)

K541 Albania

K542 Romania

K543 Yugoslavia

K544 Bulgaria

K545 Greece

K546 Italy

K547 Vatican

K551 Spain

K552 Portugal

K56 Western Europe

K561 UK

K562 Ireland

K563 Netherlands

K565 France

K6 History of Oceania

K61 Australia, New Zealand and Pakistan

K611 Australia

K612 New Zealand

K7 History of America

K71 North America

K711 Canada

K712 USA

K73 Latin America

K731 Mexico

K741 Guatemala

K742 Honduras

K744 El Salvador

K745 Nicaragua

K747 Panama

K75 West Indies

K751 Cuba

K753 Dominica

K755 Puerto Rico

K77 South America

K774 Venezuela

K775 Colombia

K776 Ecuador

K777 Brazil

K778 Peru

K779 Bolivia

K783 Argentina

K784 Chile

K81 Biography

K85 Archaeology of Cultural Relics

K9 Geography

Part II Other Subjects

B Philosophy, Religion

C General Theory of Social Sciences

D Politics, Law

D0 political theory

D8 Diplomacy, International Relations

D813.2 United Nations

D813.7 Specialized agencies (United Nations)

D9 Laws

D90 Theory of Law (Jurisprudence)

D99 International Law

E Military

F Economy

G Culture, Science, Education, Sports

H Language, Text


J Art

R Medical and Health

Part III Category Z: Comprehensive Category


Appendix 1: Keyword Index (Pinyin Sequence)

Appendix 2: Database List (Alphabetical)

Appendix 3: Some sub-databases

Appendix 4: Research Library and Bibliography


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