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Just like the speech delivered by Mr. Zuo Guanjun on the 3rd birthday of the public number “Sit in the Well and Watch the Sky”(Click to read) It is said that the universe, the earth and human beings are the three aspects that I am interested in, and the combination point is history.

What I want to share with you today is an embodiment of this sentence. From this, we can intuitively feel that in the long history of the universe, human beings are so small but so great.


Compiling: Seven Princes

If the 13.8 billion-year history of the universe is reduced to one year,


Time speeds up

So, in which month will human beings appear?

In this calendar

Every second on the calendar corresponds to 438 years

Each hour is equivalent to 1.58 million years.

Each day is equivalent to 37.8 million years.

In this cosmic almanac

A person lives to be 80 years old.

The universe has just passed away.0.18 seconds

Let’s take a look at this one-year history of the universe.

Major Events in the Universe, Earth and Human Beings

Will it appear in what

January 1

Big Bang

May 1

The birth of the Milky Way galaxy

9 September

The birth of the solar system

14 September

The birth of the earth

Around September 25

Earth produces the first life

2 October

The oldest known rock on earth

9 October

The oldest fossils on earth (bacteria and cyanobacteria)

Around November 1

Sexual birth (microorganism)

12 November

The Oldest Photosynthetic Plant Fossil

November 15

Eukaryotes (the first cells with nuclei) began to flourish.

14 December

Birth of multicellular organisms

17 December

The Cambrian erupted and the Phanerozoic Paleozoic Cambrian began.

December 18

Occurrence of marine plankton; The Age of Trilobite Prosperity

December 19

The first batch of fish; The first vertebrates

December 20

The first batch of vascular plants

December 21

Landing of marine animals

December 22

The first amphibians; The first winged insects

December 23

The first trees; The first reptiles

24 December

The appearance of dinosaurs

26 December

The first batch of mammals

27 December

The first birds

28 December

The first flowers; Dinosaur extinction

29 December

The first primates

30 December

The frontal lobe of primates began to evolve higher. The emergence of hominid species

All of the following happened on December 31!

1.30 p.m.

The original Proconsul and Ramapithecus may be the common ancestors of modern apes and human beings.

10:30 p.m.

The first humans

11 p.m.

Paleolithic Age

11:46 p.m.

Beijingers Learn to Use Fire

11:56 p.m.

The beginning of the recent ice age

11:58 pm

Human Landing in Australia

11:59 p.m.

The Age of European Cave Painting

11:59:20 p.m.

Human Enters Agricultural Society

11:59:35 p.m.

The Neolithic Age began;

Man had the first city

11:59:50 p.m.

Sumer (an early civilization in Mesopotamia), Ebla (an ancient country in West Asia) and Egypt had their first dynasties.

Astronomy begins to develop

11:59:51 p.m.

The alphabet was invented;

The First Empire in Human History-Akkad Empire in Mesopotamia was Born

11:59:52 p.m.

The Code of Hammurabi of Babylon was promulgated.

The Middle Kingdom Period of Ancient Egypt

11:59:53 p.m.

The Bronze Age;

Mycenaean civilization of ancient Greece;

The Trojan War;

Olmec civilization, one of the oldest American civilizations;

Compass Invention

11:59:54 p.m.

The Iron Age;

The first Assyrian empire;

The Kingdom of Israel;

The Phoenicians founded Carthage

11:59:55 p.m.

The dynasty of Asoka of India;

Qin Dynasty in China;

The Age of Perikles, the Golden Age Leader of Athens;

Buddha’s Birthday

11:59:56 p.m.

Euclidean geometry;

Archimedes physics;

Ptolemaic astronomy;

The birth of the Roman Empire;

The birth of Christ

11:59:57 p.m.

Aryabhata, an Indian, invented zero-sum decimals.

The demise of ancient Rome;

Islam and the Birth of Islamic Civilization

11:59:58 p.m.

Mayan civilization;

Song Dynasty in China;

The Byzantine Empire;

Mongolia’s westward expedition;


11:59:59 p.m.

European Renaissance;

Great European voyages;

Zheng He’s Voyages to the West in the Ming Dynasty of China;

The birth of modern science

11:59:59 p.m.

The First Industrial Revolution

Our age

Einstein’s birthday;

The invention of the computer;

Landing on the moon;

The invention of the network

May 2 of the following year

The Sun Becomes Red Giant

May 7 of the following year

The Sun Becomes a White Dwarf Star

In the cosmic calendar

Confucius was born 5.8 seconds before midnight on December 31.

Newton was born 0.76 seconds before midnight.

At 0.02 seconds before midnight (calculated by Sagan when he wrote the book)

We just got the Internet

By May 7 next year,

The sun will enter the old age of life and become a white dwarf star.

Then, where will mankind go?

This article is reprinted from the public number: sitting in a well and watching the sky.


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