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“Ancient Near East Civilization Literature Reader”

History of Global Civilization: Literature Reader

Edited by Guo Dantong and Huang Wei


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Content Introduction

The ancient Near East civilization mainly includes the two rivers civilization, Hebrew civilization and Egyptian civilization. As far as time is concerned,UpperThe ancient Near East civilization was based on BC3500The sumerian city-state period of the two river civilization was the upper limit, with BC332Greek Macedonian Conquest of EgyptWest Asia and North Africa enter the Hellenistic world as the lower limit. Here3000In the long river of more than a year, a large number of original documents and materials have been handed down in the development and evolution of various civilizations in the Near East, which are the main basis for us to reconstruct these ancient civilizations. Accordingly, this book will select the Near East civilizations of this period.MediumThe most representative original documents and materials, they are translated and annotated, thus enabling readers toInRead these original documentsAfterNot only do they know something about the ancient Near East civilization, but more importantly, they can reconstruct their own ancient Near East civilization.

Author’s Brief Introduction

Guo DantongProfessor, Faculty of Literature, Shanghai University, Doctoral Supervisor. Distinguished Professor, a Wei Chang Scholar from Shanghai University and a New Century Outstanding Talent from the Ministry of Education, is the chief expert of major projects of the National Social Science Foundation. Publish a monograph60More than one article and monograph “Translation of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs” (Volume 1, Middle and Volume 2) won the 4th China Publishing Government Award. Main research field: Egyptology.

Huang WeiLecturer, Department of History, Shanghai University, Master’s Tutor. Bachelor of Philosophy and Master of Philosophy from Fudan University and Doctor of Religion from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has successively been at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel, Institute of Chinese Christian Culture (Hong Kong), University of Alberta, Canada, and Tel Aviv University, Israel.Lautenschläger AzekahArchaeological excavation project visit study. Main Research Field: Ancient Israeli History.

Edit Recommendation

Pharaohs, pyramids, temples along the Nile, everything in ancient Egypt is fascinating… Cuneiform writing, civilization on clay boards, Assyria and Babylon in the crescent region have all been erased from the ground. If you want to understand the ancient Near East civilization, please start with this document reader-it will definitely bring you a new understanding of the world civilization and the origin of history.

Zero Distance Contact with Ancient Near East Civilization——This book allows you to cross5000I witnessed with my own eyes the life, love, law, economy and directness at that time.ListenThe voices of ancient Assyrians, Babylonians and Egyptians left in history…

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