The 4th National Forum of Young and Middle-aged Scholars in World History

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After negotiation, it was decided that the editorial department of World History will cooperate with the School of History and Culture of Hebei Normal University to hold the 4th National Forum of Young and Middle-aged Scholars in World History, which will be held in mid-October 2020. At present, we are looking for contributions from academic circles and sincerely welcome scholars to contribute enthusiastically. The editorial department of “World History” will determine the candidates for the conference according to the academic quality of the papers, and the selected papers will be published in “World History” on the basis of merit. Relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

Object of solicitation
Young and middle-aged scholars under the age of 50 in universities and research institutions across the country.
Requirements for submission:
1.The paper should be an original achievement that has not been published publicly and has not been submitted to other journals.
2.Please refer to the newly revised editing technical specifications of “World History” for the annotation style of the paper. For details, please refer to the online submission system of “World History” ( Related columns. At the same time, please attach the author’s brief introduction (name, date of birth, work unit, professional title, educational background) and contact information.
3.All manuscript-soliciting papers will directly enter the review process of the editorial department, which will select excellent manuscripts for anonymous review by peer experts.
4. The editorial department will publish the selection list through WeChat public number and send an official invitation letter to the author.
5.Deadline for submission: September 10, 2020
6.Registration Date:Interested participants are requested to send the registration receipt form to the mailbox of the editorial department of “World History” before July 15, 2020. 。 
Meeting time:Report for the meeting on October 16, hold academic discussions on October 17-18, and leave the meeting on October 19. (If it is necessary to adjust the meeting time or meeting method due to special circumstances such as epidemic situation, the editorial department will notify separately.)
Venue:Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province
Participation fee:The organizer shall be responsible for the meeting expenses and meals, and the accommodation expenses and round-trip transportation expenses shall be borne by the organizer.
Submission and Consultation Mailbox:(Please send the paper to the above mailbox in the form of attachment, and at the same time ask the author to submit the paper in the “World History” online submission system according to the prompt of the automatic reply from the mailbox ( and send the manuscript. Please indicate “author’s name + young and middle-aged forum paper” in the subject of the email, and “author’s name + article title” in the title of the attachment.)
Contact Number: 010-87421024 Contact: Xian Hui

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        Editorial Department of World History

July 1, 2020

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