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Academic Information Notice of Attending the 3rd Oceania Research High-level Forum

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“The 3rd Oceania Research High Level Forum”1st1NumberNotification Near10In the past few years, China’s Oceania research has made rapid breakthroughs in many disciplines and formed a considerable academic community.2018Year12MonthAnd2019Year11In January,“High Level Forum on Oceania Studies”It was held successively in Shanghai East China Normal University and Nanchong Xihua Normal University. The activity has becomeIt is a stable • Read More »

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Comments on “Arctic Prehistory: Human Settlement in High Latitudes”

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For a long time, the solidified impression of Cro-Magnons in our minds has been the representative of reindeer hunters, cave dwellers and perfect artists, who adapted well to the harsh environment of the late Ice Age 18,000 years ago. Kroma farmers are outstanding hunting and gathering experts in the ice and snow, but their success • Read More »

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Comments on this book about ancient Greece, I can’t stop reading it!

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The English poet Shelley once said: “We are all Greek。” Legendary archaeologist Sheriman is not so much German as his soul is closer to the ancient Greeks. In his mind,The only hometown is Homer’s world.。 “Greek heartthrob” organizer Jing Ling, who has devoted herself to promoting Greek history and culture for many years, said,Ancient Greece • Read More »


Everyone interviewed Guo Changgang, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference: Perfecting the Evaluation Mechanism of Philosophy and Social Sciences and Helping to Tell “Chinese Stories”

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In order to form influence and have the right to speak in the world, Chinese philosophy and social sciences need to build a platform and carrier to communicate to the international community. It is imperative to establish foreign language academic websites and foreign language academic journals. At this year’s NPC and CPPCC sessions, Guo Changgang, • Read More »

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Academic Information Notice of the 2nd Shandong Young Historians Forum (No.1)

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New historical materials–New historiography -Notice of the Second Shandong Young Historians Forum (No.No. 1) Mr./Ms. ____: In order to strengthen the exchange of historiography colleagues in Shandong Province and promote the prosperity and development of historiography research in Shandong Province, especially the growth of young scholars, the successful holding of theOn the basis of the • Read More »


The Property Confiscation System and the Contradiction between the Rich and the Poor in Athens in the 4th Century BC

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 Summary:As an important penalty in Athens legal system, the property confiscation system appeared as early as Solon’s time and was widely used in the adjudication of public prosecution cases in the 4th century BC, becoming a common way for Athenians to punish serious crimes such as treason, bribery and blasphemy. Confiscation of property from registration, • Read More »


The Origin and Spread of the Black Death in 1348

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Li Xiaoguang: Origin and Spread of Black Death in 1348 The word “the Black Death” is no stranger to people today. But it is actually a modern term that was not used until 1832 AD. People in the Middle Ages called the catastrophe named after it “great plague”, “great death” or “great disaster”. In the • Read More »


Selected Works Liberate History from Myths and Legends-A Major Feature of Thucydides’ Historical Works

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Key words: war; Athens; Peloponnezzar; Peloben; Thucydides  The 5th century BC was an era when the Greek world gathered elites and stars were brilliant. It was also an era when classical historiography shone brilliantly in the cultural field. Thucydides, an Athenian, wrote the History of the Peloponnesian War, which is a masterpiece left to mankind • Read More »

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Comments on Wang Huan: Past Lives and Present Lives of Egyptology

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The cover of the book “Robbing the Nile: Egyptian Grave Robbers, Travelers and Archaeologists”[Photography] Victorian travelers climbed the pyramids[Photography] Belzoni held up a metal frame with more than a dozen people standing in the circus as a “Hercules” performance-“Human Flesh Pyramid”[Photography] Saqquia, a traditional Egyptian water pump, was the object Belzoni tried to replace with • Read More »

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