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Interview with Zou Yilin: History Department of Shandong University in the Era of “Eight Horses Same Trough”

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In the early morning of June 19, 2020, Zou Yilin, an outstanding alumnus of Shandong University, an old author of this newspaper, a famous historical geographer and professor of Fudan University’s Institute of Historical Geography, died of illness at the age of 86. Since 1957, Mr. Zou Yilin has followed Mr. Tan Qixiang in the • Read More »

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Academic Information Mr. Zou Yilin Eternal!

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In a WeChat group, Xiao Bian was deeply moved to learn that Mr. Zou Yilin, a senior scholar in the field of historical geography, died this morning. The book “An Overview of Chinese Historical Geography” compiled by Mr Zou is an important enlightenment book for small editors. This special issue of Mr Zou’s interview on • Read More »

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Selected Ancient Persian Palaces and Tombs

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Syracuse’s Confused Case:The content of this article is mainly excerpted from blogMuye Qingfeng 66 and ChongduduTravel photography and travel notes. Palaces of ancient Persia Persepolis, the most important archaeological site in Iran, represents Iran’s glory. When you come to Iran, you must come to Persepolis. Here, it is also a popular scenic spot for Iranian • Read More »

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The Warring States Period and Greece: Where Does the “Cultural Estrangement” between China and the West Originate?

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This article is the manuscript of “National Humanities and History” in June. Readers are welcome to forward it to their circle of friends. This text is about 19,310 words Reading needs 49 min Today, China and the West are once again at the crossroads of understanding each other. At the level of science and technology, we • Read More »


Comments on Childe and History Has Been Occurred in what

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(Childe) “History Has Been what” was brewing as early as 1938. The writing belief is that Hitler’s growing German power will inevitably push European civilization, capitalism and communism into a dark age. Childe claimed that the purpose of the book was to convince himself and readers that this dark age was not a “bottomless abyss” • Read More »


What is the depth of Hegel’s Philosophy of History?

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Philosophy of History is perhaps the most read of Hegel’s works. The reason why Philosophy of History is widely read is that it is relatively easy to read, and ideas such as “cunning of reason”, “world historical figures” and “rational historical course” have long been familiar to people and quoted by different people. However, today, • Read More »

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No one has the right authority to comment on the History of Cambridge.

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After ten years of sharpening the sword, the Chinese translation of Cambridge Ancient History, 14 volumes and 19 fascicles, has finally begun to be published one after another. Fondle this great work, feeling the author’s high vision and knowledge, the translator’s sincerity and persistence, and the publisher’s vision and courage.   “Cambridge Ancient History” is • Read More »

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Academic information was only 41 years old, and Xie Zheng, associate professor of Peking University, died of illness.

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According to Surging News, Comrade Xie Zheng, deputy director and associate professor of the Department of Global Health, School of Public Health, Peking University, died in Beijing on the afternoon of June 4, 2020 at the age of 41 due to ineffective medical treatment. Teaching courses:Social Medicine (Undergraduate, Postgraduate), Global Health Governance (Postgraduate), Organizational Behavior • Read More »

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Legoff and the Long Middle Ages

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Liu Yin: Legoff and the Long Middle Ages Legoff’s works often bring readers the feeling that the Middle Ages seem to be both close and far away from our present world. Standing on the classic standpoint of the Annals School, Legoff believes that the essence of historiography lies in grasping time and changes, while the • Read More »